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Did Christ really rise from the dead? How credible is the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ? This documentary investigates the historical record, draws upon medical knowledge, searches for evidence in the lives of the Apostles, explores ancient Jewish burial customs, and with new scientific technologies examines the Shroud of Turin, burial cloth of Christ. For the first time through physics and space-age imaging, scientists are able to view the crucified body of Christ in a 3-Dimensional, holographic image. Learn what scientists have discovered. Your faith will be strengthened as the Resurrection Story is confirmed through new evidence! View 3-D Holographic Images of the Face of Christ!

Jesus Christ's Resurrection - 3D Shroud of Turin

庫存單位: DVDUE13001
  • English Dialogue / Chinese Dubbed / Chinese and English Subtitles / NTSC / All Code / 4:3 Full Screen / dolby 2.0 / Menu / Duration : 2 Hours

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