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Is there a spiritual realm where the soul resides after death? Is there really a heaven? These questions are as old as humanity and as new as the latest scientific research. To Christians, the answers to these questions are a foregone conclusion. But, for believers and non-believers alike, the topic of life after death in a place called Heaven raises even more questions. Where is Heaven? What will Heaven be like? Is there now scientific evidence that Heaven really does exist? These are just a few of the questions you will be able to answer after examining the scientific studies, personal testimonies, and experiences of those who say they have already traveled to Heaven and back through a Near Death Experience. They tell about visions of a bright light, being surrounded by overwhelming love and even talking to Jesus. Watch interviews from the Near Death Experiencers, medical doctors, biblical scholars and scientists that believe immortality is a reality! Heaven is more real than Earth!

The Evidence for Heaven

庫存單位: DVDUE12005
  • English Dialogue / Chinese Dubbed / Chinese and English Subtitles / NTSC / All Code / 4:3 Full Screen / dolby 2.0 / Menu / Duration : 90 Minutes

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