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High atop Mt. Ararat in Eastern Turkey is a giant, 5,000-year-old wooden ship containing hundreds of stalls and cages. Is it Noah's Ark? Since 19th century, there are numerous eyewitness accounts of sighting Noah’s Ark. Did the biblical story of Noah and the flood actually happen? Has the Ark really been located? How could a wooden ship possibly survive since ancient times when cities made of stone have crumbled? How could a man in a primitive society build a giant vessel able to withstand a cataclysmic worldwide flood? Is there any scientific evidence? Beginning of 21st century, new expeditions and scientific investigations using satellites, computers, and aerial spy cameras have provided amazing answers to these questions. Find out the truth about the greatest archaeological discovery of this millennium! It's a discovery that will challenge your deepest beliefs . . . or make you a witness to a miracle.

The Quest For Noah’s Ark

庫存單位: DVDUE12001
  • English Dialogue / Chinese Dubbed / Chinese and English Subtitles / NTSC / All Code / 4:3 Full Screen / dolby 2.0 / Menu / Duration : 90 Minutes

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