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新冠病毒是虛構的!是假裝的、偽造的病毒! 阿斯利康利用的所謂 變種病毒來源,在人體中其實是 偽病毒!

21 年前輝瑞 早有預謀 申請刺突蛋白專利!但新冠病毒的基因序列至今仍未鑑定出來!新冠病毒不是自然進化的病毒!所以沒有人能生產出安全有效的逆苗!

輝瑞 一份機密文件揭露:新冠病毒是被插入物改變了基因序列!令病毒的刺突蛋白能夠侵入人體細胞,新冠病毒是基因實驗工程制造出來的!新冠逆苗,是劇毒的生化武器!

科爾賓 (核子生物化學武器專家) 揭露 : 每30微克 輝瑞(復必泰)疫苗 含有150億枚 (劇毒) 氧化石墨烯 納米機器人粒子!(劇毒) 氧化石墨烯 納米機器人粒子 構建結構,會導致血栓塞(中風)、突發心臟衰竭,甚至死亡!

The C0r0n@ ^ v!rus ^ is fictitious! It's a fake, fake v!rus! The source of the so-called variant v!rus used by AstraZeneca is actually a pseudo-v!rus in the human body!

21 years ago, Pfizer had planned to apply for a patent for spike protein! However, the gene sequence of the C0r0n@ ^ v!rus ^ has not yet been identified! The C0r0n@ ^ virus ^ is not a naturally evolved v!rus! So no one can produce a safe and effective V@666ine! The gene sequence of the new C0r0n@ ^ virus ^ has been changed by the insertion of Spike protein into human cells, and it is a Genetic Experiment Engineering! C0v!d V@666ines are kind of bacteria and toxic mixed Biochemical Weapons!

Corbin, Nuclear Biological & Chemical Weapons Expert reveals : Every 30 micrograms Pfizer (BNT) v@666ine contains 15 billion (Highly Toxic) Graphene Oxide Nano-Robot Particles! (Very toxic) Graphene oxide nano-robot particles build structures that can cause thromboembolism (stroke), sudden heart failure, and even death!


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